Will F-Secure every update ID Protection to include old features?

Mike_WMike_W Posts: 2 New Member

As it sits now, I loath ID Protection. I'm in the process of manually copying every password to another password protector. The new ID protection program has passwords in multi colors like a rainbow which is annoying. I can no longer copy words from 'Notes', like my account number for my gas company website or the secret answers to my secret questions. Resizing the window no longer makes the text larger; passwords and usernames stay the same size. This is a serious problem when certain websites will not allow the copy paste option. The website mods tell me to use the browser password feature if I don't want to type in the information... This new F-Secure program has become a hassle.

Will F-Secure mods ever update the program to include some of the old features that made the password protector a usable program?

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  • Mike_WMike_W Posts: 2 New Member
    Accepted Answer

    It's all good. I moved everything to another password manager. I had to manually transfer everything because your password manager is the only one I've seen using .fsk format. Thank you for the replies. I wish the best of luck with your service.


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