I cannot install F-Secure SAFE to iPhoneSE2.

malgamomalgamo Posts: 1 New Member

I trayed and trayed to  install F-Secure SAFE for the additional device iPhoneSE2.

But error message say ; Something does not operate definitely. Please try it once again.

I have been able to install it in iPhone6S, but this time I cannot install it from Win10 PC or iPhoneSE.

Please tell me install method.

The iOS version is iOS14.6.


  • JaimsJaims Posts: 517 Moderator

    Hi @malgamo

    At what point of the installation did you encounter this error message? Could you please attach a screenshot, if possible?

    You may try to switch to another network, wifi or mobile data, then try to install SAFE again, ensure the date, time and timezone is accurate on that iPhone.

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