self protection effectiveness?

kc1306kc1306 Posts: 3 New Member

well if i try to kill any processes in task manager it allows me to do so

i am able to delete files from C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\SAFE which are not in use by f secure

i am unable to stop certain services as well

so pls if attacked by malware will f secure be able to defend itself?



  • CyberDevilCyberDevil Posts: 4 Observer

    I recently saw an F-Secure test on Youtube where the files of the antivirus were infected with "worm.win32. VB". So it seems to me that self-defense is not perfect. Perhaps the partial transition of the interface to the web framework also made it weaker.

  • JaimsJaims Posts: 517 Moderator

    Hi @kc1306

    Terminating a task in Task Manager requires administrative rights. So if the user account is already elevated as an admin, any task could be performed including disabling services, terminating tasks or even uninstalling the security.

    At the same time, our products does have some tamper protection to prevent it from being terminated. So far you do not tamper with the Virus and Threats features, you are again protected against malwares.

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