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There is no longer an option to find my device, when I log in to my F Secure. On all the devices it just has a "settings" button, but that's it. There used to be one, as I have used the option in the past.

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    Dear @ozyrandor,

    Finder was a rather rarely used feature, so the company took active steps to remove it from our offering. It is no longer included in the new generation of iOS and Android versions of our product.


  • Cendersky
    Cendersky Posts: 1 New Member

    Well great. Where are all the other things?

    There was: find my Phone, lock it, ring it and maybe something More.

    Where are they???

    I didnt order this, if i want i can get my monet back, right?

    It would be nice if these thing were told before.

    Nice to find it when loosing you Phone and trying to find it. Green customer service.

    You can take this as formal reclamation, and i demand answer. Best in finnish and by email. Until then i Will refrain from paying so dont "charge me".

    -Super disappointed

  • Snisselpi
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    Are you serious? An essential part of the software is secretly and quietly deleted and you as a customer do not even notice that an important security feature is missing? It is nice that the management thinks that the function is not used enough, ideally you never need the function, similar to an airbag in a car. Perhaps the carmakers should then also eliminate the safety functions that are hardly needed! This will then be the last subscription!

  • Amirul
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    Hi @Cendersky & @Snisselpi,

    Thank you for your input and feedback.

    We at F-Secure will always improve our product from time to time to provide our customers with the best security protection. The feature "Find My Device" was removed because the technology already exist in both operating system either Android or iOS. You may read the article below regarding these changes on F-Secure SAFE for Android and iOS:

    Improved F-Secure SAFE app coming soon

    Should you have any more product improvement, you can always drop your ideas in the Ideas Board

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