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I have F-secure total subscription and I've been using F-secure Key earlier. Now I finally decided to move to ID-protection and for some reason I can't find how to get it working without separate license for every different machine. Everytime I sync ID protection I need to log in and it takes one license from the pool. Could you help me? For every machine I use total there are multiple users who need also the access to their ID-protections.

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    Hey @Tahmis,

    That's exactly how it works - let's say you have TOTAL for 5 devices, it would mean that you could actually install F-Secure ID Protection on 5 different devices.

    If you have the app on either a single mobile device or only on your computer, your Vault data is stored on that device only. The app has been designed so that connecting your devices allows you to have your data readily available and always up to date on other devices as well. When you have your data also on another device, there is no need to worry if a device gets lost, stolen or damaged; your data will still be intact on one of your other devices.


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    Hi Lucas,

    Ok. So please tell me how can I setup ID protection on one windows computer with 5 different user accounts so that only 1 license of ID protection is used on that machine? Like it does for virus protection for example.

    The license model is impossible with total as now it seems that you need 25 total licences for ID protection for 5 machines but only 5 antivirus licenses for those.

    Earlier with key each user needed 1 license and it worked perfect. Now the licensing model for ID protection seems impossible as I would need to have it for multiple users on very many devices. I'm seriously starting to wonder if I should find an other provider for all my it security. We are also using the same product at our company and if there won't be any changes before our licences expire I probably need to start looking for alternate solutions for everyone there also.

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    Hi @Tahmis

    Once you sign up for F-Secure TOTAL, 5-device license for example, you will be able to install SAFE on 5 devices, Freedome VPN on 5 devices and ID Protection also on 5 devices. May I know if you still have a valid F-Secure KEY subscription?

    You do not have to buy up to 25 as you earlier explained. If you install ID Protection free trial, you can do that on multiple devices if you wish but each device runs independently and remember you will not be able to sync with other devices.

    Let us know if you need further clarification.

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    // later added: well, it is possible that I understood what this is about and will try it on my devices later. Perhaps, F-Secure ID Protection when opened on other Windows user accounts did not allow to use "Connect Devices" way and always show Login page instead. Otherwise, a bit unclear what can be trouble there with try to sync.

    Original comment:

    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    Just a bit confused about some points in discussions.

    Ok. So please tell me how can I setup ID protection on one windows computer with 5 different user accounts so that only 1 license of ID protection is used on that machine? Like it does for virus protection for example.

    As a workaround, you could try to use sync-functionality (sounds that F-Secure ID Protection is always about that). Probably, it is somewhat impossible to do with one Windows PC and five different accounts (but maybe - you can switch between user accounts while sync-code is still active). Alternatively, to use another device as a helper.

    By that way - all user accounts will be with synced user data. If this is unwanted and each user account should be with its own user data.. then

    Earlier with key each user needed 1 license and it worked perfect

    ... probably with F-Secure KEY situation was also exactly about that. I mean, you can not use one license for five user accounts. Each user account with own user data should utilize license code. Or did you mean that it was possible before with the only one?

    Perhaps, "five devices" (up to five devices) should be more like "five installations". But F-Secure SAFE is installed for all users indeed - however, there can be difference with some 'user'-based settings then.

    With my experience - F-Secure KEY always requested license for each user account. So, should not be too much difference. The only point - F-Secure KEY was available as "FREE" too.

    With F-Secure ID Protection - it should takes one license from the pool - but just as with F-Secure KEY too?


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    I have kind of a similar problem with multiple devices. I have two phones and ipad. With key i could use one key licence number and sync passwords with all three devices. Now with ID I have to sign in and every device reserves one ID device license number from safe account.

    So now if you have multiple devices you need multiple license numbers, with key you only needed one and you could sync your own devices.

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    Dear @mxpo,

    That's right, 1 license means 1 device, even though you synchronize passwords between those 2 devices.

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    Hi @Jaims and @Lucaseuropa,

    Unfortunately it is not working as you are saying. 1 license is not enough for 1 device when you have multiple accounts on that device.

    For example on my home desktop computer I'm using it with multiple different Windows accounts that are only meant for me. Work, Home and Testing. Each of these needs a separate ID installation even though they are on the same device and used with same account. Also there is other users who use ID and those are also on same device and they also need separate licenses.

    The licensing policy of Key was perfect. 1 license per user. Now I'm needing for my self so many licenses that I don't think that I can keep on using ID unfortunately. Also this is impossible for the company I'm working at.

    Would love to continue using F-Secure products as I trust them but it's starting to look like it's no longer possible :(

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    @Lucaseuropa I’d also like some clarity on this ”1 license per device” thing. So if I have key on my iPhone and my 2 daughters’ iPhones, and we have separate accounts for our shared windows laptop, can we all sync our personal passwords between each of our personal iPhones and each one’s laptop account without seeing each others’ passwords? Would this require 4 licenses or 6?

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    I think that this would require at least 6 licenses.

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