Problem with Sending Emails with Freedom running

Pewe1965Pewe1965 Posts: 2 New Member


I am using a Client to sent Emails, however since some days all Emails are coming back notified as being Spam. I thought it is just a temporary problem but it still does not work. When I switch off Freedom Emails are sent.

Any suggestions how to solve this ?




  • LucaseuropaLucaseuropa Posts: 302 Moderator

    Dear @Pewe1965 ,

    Thank you for your message.

    Please familiarize yourself with the following help website concerning your issue:

  • Pewe1965Pewe1965 Posts: 2 New Member

    Hi Lucas,

    thanks for the response. i tried actually all as described but still have no success. From my amateur point of view it looks like the IP is blocked. And I assume the IP is the IP from the F-Secure VPN server in Germany where I am logged in - or am I wrong ?

    Thank & best regards


  • JaimsJaims Posts: 575 Moderator

    Hi @Pewe1965

    Did you contact your ISP according to the solution provided above? If yes, what was their recommendation?

    Did you try to connect to other servers? How about other devices?

    Kindly try these options and let us narrow down the root cause.

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