Unable to activate ID Protection while upgrading from F-Secure Key thus my PC setting is now screwed

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Trying to do as instructed on page 'How do I move from KEY to ID PROTECTION on desktop devices?'

End result - ID protection shows error (id_prot_fail.jpg)

Going to account page only shows some old SAFE expiry, nothing that I could use or activate or whatever for ID protection

Where on earth can I activate the product i.e. is there an actually working portal? Or do I just need to cancel all the stuff from here and go to a working product provider?

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    Having the same issue! I used to have F-sec SAFE which is currently expired as I didn't need it anymore. Now when trying to migrate from f-sec key to id protection, I entered my f-sec account which I used for SAFE and got the same message. After some troubleshooting I found this info:

    But as the newly installed F-sec id protection was "stuck" with that fail message from where I cannot get back, I uninstalled it, created a new account with different email address (which as such sounds a bit stupid but anyway) and re-installed f-sec id protection using the installation media download with this account. After that I managed to login with my master password, see all my accounts and passwords, but it didn't transfer my subscription details, claiming that the license will expire in a month... So now I have f-sec id protection on one device which claims that subscription will expire in 1 month, and still the old f-sec key in my 3 other devices where my premium account is valid until next year. So what the heck I'm supposed to do next? 😕


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