New update to the Community Theme released

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Dear F-Secure Community members,

We have released an update to our current community theme today. The major improvements we have introduced with this theme update are -

  1. Navigation changes for better movement across the forums -
    1. EN forum landing page will be
    2. FI forum landing page will be
  2. New major sections for Help Forums and Support Articles added to the main landing page, to showcase the happening and new content dynamically.
  3. New sections added to the Community main page includes -
    1. Featured Categories
    2. Unanswered Questions
    3. Recently Accepted Answers
    4. Announcement box in the side panel
  4. New Discussion button revamp -
    1. 'New Discussion' button is now renamed as 'Start a Discussion'. The texts in the button now clearly reflect the different types of new posts which can be created in the Community.
    2. An Info pop up box is added as an explanation to know what option to select when creating a new post.

If you have any feedback, we are happy to hear you!



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