Error by Log-In with ID-Protection after Installation

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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I installed the new F-Secure ID Protetion on my Laptop (I installed it already on my Smartphone with no problems and created also an account for it) and after loging in with the masterpassword it says, i should log-in and link this installation with F-Secure. So I click on "Log In", put my username and password in the fields and then there comes the "Name your new advice" field, where you should give the installation a name. But when I put my name for the laptop in, there comes always an error message, where ID-Protection wants to connect with an Intrasite: http:// localhost . When I say "yes" the game starts from the name-field again - when i say "no" it says that there is no connection to the site + it says that there is no connection and I should be sure that the site https:// safeavenue. f-secure. com is right.

What should I do?? On the licence page on where I can handle my Abos the name stands by the other installation-names, but the installation on the computer is always asking for a log-in.

Thank you very much

MIchael Hagen

Attached you see the login-process...

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    For all who also have the same problem: I solved it.

    On this site I found the information and it worked perfect!!

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