Bought F-Secure total for home pc (several licenses), can I use ID Protection on my work laptop?

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I have been using F-Secure Total for some time and have now started using ID PROTECTION for my passwords.

From license point of view, is it ok to use my "home" license in a "mixed" environment on my company PC?

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    Hey @22p0_ !

    No worries, I've already moved your thread to the appropriate board 🙂

    I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to use a password manager such as F-Secure ID Protection on your work computer, however, you might want to consult this with your system admin in your company to check whether it is allowed to install 3rd party apps on a work machine.



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    Ooof, and this question was supposed to be under "F-Secure ID PROTECTION" 😬

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    Hi, thanks for moving my thread to the right location. 🤗

    I got the "go ahead" from our system admin, but on the condition that I make sure I can use my license in a "mixed" environment on a company computer.

    I suppose our IT doesn't want to risk that my "home" license shouldn't be used on a "business" platform.

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