SAFE and DxO PureRAW on Mac

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It seems that SAFE for Mac prevents DxO PureRAW from running properly on Mac (tested both on BigSur 11.3 and 11.2).

PureRAW simply stalls, no excessive CPU usage or anything, and no alerts from SAFE. However, when SAFE real-time scanning is temporarily disables, PureRAW runs ok.

Could someone in F-Secure take a look in this?


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    Hey @K_P !

    It might be that DeepGuard has blocked this plugin. You can edit the rule for that application in the DeepGuard Configuration app.

    To allow an application that DeepGuard has blocked:

    1. Click on the F-Secure SAFE product icon in the menu bar.
    2. Select Preferences from the menu.
    3. Click the DeepGuard tab.
    4. Click Advanced.
    5. Click the lock icon in the bottom-left corner.
    6. In the DeepGuard Configuration app, right-click the rule for the application that you want to allow and select Edit.
    7. Select Allow as the Policy for the application.
    8. Select the permissions that you want to allow for the application.
    9. Click Save.

    You might also try to optimize DeepGuard for your system, please familiarize yourself with the following article:

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    Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately it did not help: adjusting deep guard does not make any difference. Not even if I disable the feature. Only thing that allows program to work is to disable the real-time scanner.

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    Testing with another, well regarded and test proven antivirus software, and no issues. PureRAW work like it should. The problem seems to be rooted in F-Secure SAFE av-engine.

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