ID PROTECTION keep asking master password used in another device

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I believe this issue started at Saturday when I teached new fingerprint to my XPeria-phone. After that the ID PROTECTION required me to use master password before using fingerprint again. I think I entered wrong password at least 2-3 times before entering the right one. After that it never accepted the right one. I rebooted and re-installed it but when it asks the master password it does not accept it.

The other devices I have ID PROTECTION installed keep asking me master password of another device every time I enter the vault but don't accept the password. I can ignore the question and after that the ID PROTECTIONs work more or less normally - except they don't sync password any more. I tried to change the master password bit it didn't help.

So, I'm planning now to take export of the passwords from the PC instance of ID PROTECTION (I wonder why I cannot do it in Android version), uninstall all instance of the ID PROTECTION and start from scratch and importing the old passwords.

So, does anybody have a better approach to solve this issue?

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  • Jaims
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    Hi @tml63

    This is possibly happening because your Master Password changed or it did not sync properly.

    If the reinstallation does not help, I suggest you open ID Protection on the computer and generate the recovery QR code. Once generated, open the phone's app and click on the forgot Master Password on the phone ID Protection app login screen (at the bottom). Then you can click on the "Scan Recovery Code" option and scan the QR code from the computer's screen.

    This should restore the Master Password.


  • tml63
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    Hi @Jaims ,

    I wonder how the Master Password could have changed. I certainly didn't change it unless this problems started.

    I tried QR-code recovery without reinstallation. "Wrong QR code loaded" ("Väärä QR-koodi ladattu").

    I'll try the reinstallation in coming days.

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