Restart required. Restart required. Restart required

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Every time something happens a restart is required. Blocking unwanted applications requires restart. Updating requires a restart. What year is this, 2002?

And the notification keeps popping up every 2 hours, and not in the background, NO, on the front so it disturbs everything u r doing.

Is there any fix for this or do I uninstall?


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    Dear @Svartsten ,

    Sorry for the inconvenience you experience, I understand how frustrating it must be. Please follow some instructions below and let me know whether it was helpful.

    1. Make sure, that there is no conflicting software installed on the computer
    2. Check for Windows Update to make sure all the important Windows Updates are installed. If Windows update is updated please follow the steps below :

    Once done, follow below steps to uninstall and reinstall our software.

    1. Download the Uninstallation Tool for Windows 
      • Note: Be aware that the Uninstallation Tool might affect other F-Secure products installed on your computer
    2. Run the Tool and remove the program on which the problem occurs
    3. Restart the device when being prompted to complete uninstalling
    4. Reinstall the F-Secure security product.

  • Svartsten
    Svartsten Posts: 2 New Member


    Did every step and still getting the same problem.

    I can't believe that in 2021 I still have to reboot every time an application is blocked.

  • Ukko
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    I can't believe that in 2021 I still have to reboot every time an application is blocked.

    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user.

    Indeed, perhaps you have not to reboot system without a sure reason. Probably there is a very specific situation. Or background.

    Could you manage out a routine of this prompt? I mean, you just check against some applications. Or it is a random situation for you (and prompt is not provoked by your action / launch or tests).

    Maybe depends on where file is blocked or was it the very first one. And what is type of detection - restart still can be required for proper recovery / clean up or further processing.

    But your original words with mention of "restart after updating". Is it so? How often? And you could you postpone it for more than two hours?


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