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I am disappointed that it is...

  • not clear or impossible to reduce the number of devices one is paying for (e.g. from 7 to 3)

I am paying for 7 devices and my renewal is in 17 days. How do I downgrade to 3 devices? This should be as easy as clicking an option. Not having to look for it, going on a support forum, wasting time like this. Infuriating. In a previous post on this forum, I was told to contact F-Secure's 24/7 Chat about such things. Except it says that Chat is unavailable at the moment. So fat lot of use there.

All of this is very, very frustrating. I feel like I'm being given a pointless, time-wasting runaround. Has it not occurred to the geniuses at F-Secure that people might want to change the package they subscribe to or the number of devices they are paying for? I have other things to do with my time. Why aren't these things clear?! Grrr.


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    Dear @karila22 ,

    Thank you for your question.

    To downgrade or reduce the number of your F-Secure SAFE or TOTAL licenses, cancel your current subscription and wait until your current subscription expires. Your subscription remains active until your expiry date even after cancellation.

    To cancel your subscription: 

    1. Log in to My F-Secure
    2. Hover your mouse cursor over your name and click Account Settings
    3. Under Other settings, click on the To end your subscription link, and confirm the cancellation.

    Now, wait until your subscription expires. Upon expiry, log in to your My F-Secure account and click Buy Now. The option to select the number of licenses should now be present. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the purchase.

    If you don't want to wait until your subscription ends, please contact customer support.

    I hope that the above was helpful 🙂

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    Hi, I just tried logging but there is no To end subscription link. May i know how do i change from 5 devices to 3 as I do not need do many. I went to renew cos I thought I could change as I renew it. I had been a long time user and it is so frustrating. I email cleverland and they replied me to contact F-secure directly. There is not other way except thru this. Can someone please help? Thank you

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    Dear @Phek,

    There are multiple ways you can contact our support, please check this out.

    I will send you a private message regarding your purchase and your account, as this will concern private information.

    Please check our your forum inbox.

    Thanks! 🙂

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