F-Secure and ZoneAlarm Pro firewall Incompability issue !?

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I want to ask if F-secure can run along with ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall because F-Secure Deep Guard inspection, network behaviour monitoring and ZoneAlarm Aplication Control ? Can i run the too along if i trust all F-Secure Processes and allow inbound and outbound conections ? Or Do I need to turn off Aplication control?

I sent a screenshot from F-secure possible incompability issue. I now that if install F-secure first and ZoneAlarm after it will work but the doubt is if F-Secure Deep Guard will be able to monitor suspicious conections for example.

Need assistance please.

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    We don't know if the products work together or not. There is just not enough resources to test compatibility with every version of other security products.

    While everything may appear to work properly when everything is fine, when there is some security incident, both products may attempt to handle it and doing so, "step on each others toes" so to speak. This may result in failed malware handling or similar.

    Since we can't guarantee that they work nicely together, we just ask users to remove them. You can of course choose to ignore this and run them anyway, since it's your computer and your choice.


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    Not that they are not compatible but i installed the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall once and i didn't like it really, the interface was not that user friendly and for uninstalling i had to contact their support it was just so hard to get rid of it like i did uninstall it through Windows itself but everytime i restart my PC it was there.

    The best option is to get a Hardware Firewall if you feel like you're going to be targeted by some bad guys out there, if that's not the case then a software firewall won't do much more than Windows Firewall itself which you can use free softwares out there to manage it easier ( like WFC by Binisoft i guess ), yet if you really into a third party firewall, i'd choose Comodo free firewall over ZoneAlarm, it's more user friendly and it get uninstall easier at least in my experience.

    I've used Comodo free firewall on my own system and it was nice and protective. ( just remember to turn off the HIPS and real time monitoring module it was viruscope i guess? something like that )

    at the end, there is an old trick with F-Secure products so you can easily install firewall softwares, just install the F-Secure SAFE first, and you no longer get the warning you've got in your screenshot.

    hope it helps.

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