SAFE on Android - 20% Battery Usage

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SAFE is using crazy amount of battery even when I am not using the phone.

Anyone else have this problem?


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    Hey @dmanmn ,

    We do not have specifics on how much battery the application drains, however, while it is in idle it will not drain your battery. 

    If you are performing a virus scan it will use more CPU performance which will lead to battery drain. Most times, the battery usage could be high if there's is an ongoing scanning or scheduled scanning. 

    You can check the battery drain from the Android settings.  Can we have the battery statistics to check it out for you?

    ALso, could you please try to uninstall SAFE and did check whether the battery performance has improved afterwards?

  • dmanmn
    dmanmn Posts: 3 New Member

    Thanks for answer. I chatted with support and they did not know either. I reinstalled a couple times already. It still sucks 20% of my battery and my phone is always warm. I uninstalled it and usage is back to normal.

    When it is installed, a pop-up notification appears on my home screen that asks me to scan. I cannot swipe it away. I did he scan and the notification will not go away. I think it is related but not sure how to resolve.

  • dmanmn
    dmanmn Posts: 3 New Member

    Anyone else having this problem?

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