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Like some earlier posts I am finding high loading from "F-Secure plugin hosting services" FPHS

When it occurs, restarting can clear this but only if I unplug the PC and clear the static [pressing the standby switch button] then reconnecting the power cable. I say this clears it say 90% of the time. So a pain but sortable.

The question is what causes this?

Let me give some info on system and observations:

WIN 10 (64) 20H2 - 32GB OS on M2 disk F-Secure TOTAL

Task Manager reports when the CPU starts and sticks on 100%

Multiple threads for FPHS 30-40% CPU Load (normally just one and zero load very quickly)

PLUS I Observe

Multiple thread for "WMI provider Host" 20-30% load (normally just two on my system 2-3% load)

Other loads are the temporary ones like Adobe/Dropbox etc that trigger on synching and they clear as they normally do if slightly slower


I would like to remove the conflicting issue causing this abnormal loading but not sure where to start.

As I say it is sporadic but it occurs say 60-70% of the time when starting up especially first thing in the morning.

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  • Gade
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    It appears my problem was caused by a failing secondary HDD.

    This was removed but the problem persisted. Apparently the fault had corrupted some registry/dll feature in Win 10.

    To fully clear it I had to use sfc /scannow in command admin mode. It has been over a week now and the PC boots quickly with no problems. 🙂



  • Jamesch
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    Hi Gade

    Which F-Secure product is this related to ?

  • Gade
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    F-Secure Total -

    I presume "F-Secure plugin hosting services" FPHS is a component of Safe

  • Gade
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    No sorry I am not sure

    I will check next time as I see there are similar components "Ultralight" "Hoster" etc

  • Jamesch
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    Hi Gade

    I have moved your post to the appropriate category, as Total is SAFE.

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    Hi @Gade

    If F-Secure plugin hosting service process is shown to be using a lot of CPU and disk, it is an indication that the product is currently scanning files. Either a scheduled scan is ongoing or files are currently being scanned by real-time scanning. 

    To make sure that a scheduled scan is not ongoing, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Windows Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar and selecting Task Manager
    2. Go to the Details tab
    3. Sort by name and check if fsscan.exe is running

    If fsscan.exe is running, a scheduled scan is ongoing. The CPU and disk usage will be shown in the Processes tab to be used by F-Secure plugin hosting service.

    You can change the scheduled scanning settings to minimize CPU / Disk usage and also decrease the scanning time:

    1. Open F-Secure SAFE / Internet Security on your computer
    2. Go to Settings 
    3. Go to the Scanning settings tab 
    4. Change the following settings:
      • Enable Run scanning with low priority 
      • Enable Scan only file types that commonly contain harmful code
      • Disable Scan inside compressed files
    5. Close the settings window to take the settings into effect

    When the next scan is run, it will use those settings. 

  • Gade
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    Thanks will check tomorrow

  • Gade
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    checked today same problem. 100% CPU

    High processing for both “f-secure plugin hosting service” (f-secure ultralight hosted) and multiple “WMI host process (Rundll32)”

    fsscan not showing as running in the detail menu.

    i did fsdiag yesterday

    does the info above provide any clues?

  • Gade
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    restarted After full power disconnect and system now running normally.

    ultralight holster 0-1% just two WMI host process. One 2.5% - 4% the other 0%

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