MacOS - SAFE preventing or slowing restart from sleep mode

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I recently installed SAFE, and now how problems with my MacBook Air which either very slowly reopens from sleep mode, or doesn't open properly at all (I get the mouse cursor and nothing else etc) which means I have to force a restart. Does anyone else get this problem?


  • Lucaseuropa
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    Dear @IG789 ,

    May I also ask which model of MacBook Air and which version of operating system you use?

    I personally have MacBook Air from 2012 and, to be frank, it's not the speediest laptop now. It takes some time to reopen from sleep and a minute or two passes by before I can move my cursor as well.

  • IG789
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    Thanks - I have a 2015 MacBook Air running Catalina 10.15.7.

    It didn't run slow before I installed F-SAFE...

  • Will_
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    Same issue here:

    when enabling F-Secure SAFE realtime scanning something like 2 out of 5 reopening (login) from sleep will take almost a minute. Even touchid won't respond, the system looks like it freezes/hangs on the login prompt. Eventually login is always possible after just a long wait and the f-secure icon also tells me something was going on (which made me look into it).

    As soon as I disable realtime scanning my mac is instant out of sleep again.

    Running MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3 with F-Secure SAFE (by XS4ALL) 17.10 (36018) here.

    Note. Little Snitch also running here, which had a similar issue in the past but that was already fixed in October 16, 2018 Little Snitch 4.2.2 (5207). But it feels like the same issue.

  • Will_
    Will_ Posts: 5 New Member

    Addition: that's on a MacBook Pro from 2018, so it should be blazing fast ;)

  • ArthurVal
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    HI, @Will_!

    Thanks for your report. Could you please run Support Tool app that should be shipped with your SAFE installation and submit the resulted diagnostics file to our support? It can be found in "Applications" directory in the same subdirectory where SAFE is located. You can submit either to XS4ALL or directly to F-Secure support at (whichever is more convenient for you).

    We recently made some performance improvements that could potentially fix and at least improve the situation that you are observing on your Mac. These improvements will hopefully be released in early summer (beginning of June) as 17.11 version. This of course applies for the original SAFE version that F-Secure distributes. But this should become available for you as soon as XS4ALL publishes it for their customers.

    Best regards, Arthur

    SAFE Mac R&D Team

    Best regards, Arthur

    Mac R&D Team

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