Answering machine to prevent unwanted phone calls

MrHUU Posts: 1 New Member

I've been suffering almost 2 years of unwanted phone calls from a single person.

Hiding a phone number at this point doesn't help. I don't want to change my number because of one idiot. Phone operators are unable to help, and Police is also unable to do anything about this.

Therefore, an app on phone could help in cases like these:

  • App answers on phone calls, which are defined as unwanted, and all calls which don't have a visible phone number
  • The message is played for the caller, ie. 'this number doesn't receive calls from hidden numbers / prepaid numbers'. This is for important calls => they could switch to a visible number. And in case unwanted caller does the same => easy to add to blocklist and to inform the Police
  • The app keeps a log file of these unwanted calls
  • The app records all unwanted calls (mic muted), so that these can be used as an evidence
  • It might be possible to block all calls from pre-paid numbers if pre-paid number areas are included in
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  • Trix
    Trix Posts: 1 Observer

    Robot calls, number space scanning calls, disturbing sales calls etc is growing problem. Any plans to add a configurable call blocker/filtering (country/area/mobile prefixes) product to F-suite ?

    There are call blocker products in App Stores but you may not want use them because you don't know who has created them and are they safe.

    A product from company like F-secure would be welcome.