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i have created a trial account and later on decided to buy safe product. after payment - i have received an email to create an account - but i already have one and it fails to be created with the same email. meanwhile the subscription is not activated nor i have activation code. any ideas how to solve this?


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    I am only an F-Secure user. I think that if you bought a subscription through "My F-Secure" account (trial), then the account should have picked it up. For example, with logged state and through 'upgrade' from trial to paid.

    Anyway, if it didn't work or you bought your subscription in a different way. And if you want to use your "email" (that is in use with "trial" account) - good to contact their official Support channel. For example, web chat: Contact F-Secure support | F-Secure (

    Own workarounds:

    • to use alias for your email. So, it is still "your" email - but you can try to register your subscription with "aliased" one.  Well, I am not sure how this thing is called properly and looks like this feature is not really documented already. But, for example, Google Mail with things like main-address+alias@gmail[.]com should be valid. But this is really unsupported way of things.
    • to use an ability change your email through "My F-Secure" portal. It should be visible under Settings. How do I change My F-Secure account login email address? - F-Secure Community (

    So, you can change email in your trial account. And use your main one with freshly registered. Otherwise, good to contact Support (I think they with an ability to fix situation properly).


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    Dear @athinkingmeat,

    Thank you for your question and welcome to F-Secure community! 👋

    I've checked your account and it seems that you have indeed purchased F-Secure SAFE subscription outside of your current (trial) account.

    The usual way of renewing My F-Secure account would be to log in to your account first and then clicking on 'Renew now' button under subscription.

    No worries though, I will now 'move' the subscription your have purchased to your trial account, so that you won't have to do any extra work of creating a new account or installing SAFE again on your devices.

    PS I do encourage you to also familiarize yourself with the article below, it will help you installing F-Secure SAFE on your all devices.

    Let me know if everything is fine now 😉

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