I bought a 24 months license and i can not activate it

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I bought a 24 months license for 3 devices the past 5th of February, then i activated the free trial month and, now when it has expirated, I can not activate my license. I only have a reference number of the paid, but i dont know how can I activate the licese.

Can you help me please?

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    Dear @Jounsen33 ,

    I will contact you in a private message, as I cannot find anything with the email address you've used for this Community Forum.

    Please reply to my message, thank you 😉

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    @Ukko , no worries, problem has been solved already 🙂

    It turned out that @Jounsen33 had a trial account with 1 email address and then he purchased SAFE using completely different email address.


  • Jounsen33Jounsen33 Posts: 3 New Member

    Dear @Lucaseuropa

    I dont receive any private message yet.

    How are you going to contact me? Gmail? Private message in my Fsecure account?

    Thank you

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    Any F-Secure user can help me?

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    Any F-Secure user can help me?

    Sorry for my reply. If nothing is wrong with freshly registered accounts, then "a private message" place should be visible at the top right side of F-Secure Community page. Where can be also visible things like "Bell" (notifications), "Letter" (PM), "Star" (bookmarks) and user logo (profile).

    In addition, you should (probably) receive a notification about any private letter on your email box. But you can respond only via Community pages, "Private Discussion" in "Letter/Inbox" logo (next to "Bell").

    If somehow this functionality with restriction for your account, then you could just to contact their official Support channel (for example, web-chat): https://www.f-secure.com/en/home/support/contact

    At least, they will help to manage and sort out situation with your "reference number of the paid" and "email" (or other things that could be with connection to purchased subscription).

    Subject of activation is, probably, very based on way and where you purchased solution (and what solution is). Otherwise, you can to wait response from F-Secure Community staff and their help here (in addition to double check that you did not receive a private letter already).

    Sorry for my English.


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