Missing the FREEDOME Menu in the Menu Bar (Mac Big Sur 11.2.2)?? HERE's THE ANSWER

DavZem Posts: 3 New Member
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The Freedome menu bar disappeared after I installed Big Sur.

Well, actually, it didn't. It's just invisible. Literally. There is no icon present, but if you find the right spot on the menu bar to click, the FREEDOME menu is actually still there!! It's just a black logo on a black background so it is not visible. It took me for ever to figure this out!


  • Lucaseuropa
    Lucaseuropa Posts: 301 Rock Star

    Hey @DavZem !

    Welcome to F-Secure community and thank you very much for sharing the above findings! 🙂

    At the beginning I thought that it might be due to the dark mode you are using on your MacOS Big Sur.

    Here's how does the FREEDOME VPN icon looks like on my Big Sur computer:

    Then, I've change the mode to the dark one and I'm still able to perfectly see FREEDOME icon:

    Maybe it's the background you are using?

    I'm also eagerly waiting for other users experience 🙂

  • DavZem
    DavZem Posts: 3 New Member

    Yes, your icon changed from black on the blue background to white on the black background. Mine remains black on a black background. Not sure why. My desktop is black. Thank you for the follow up.

  • Lucaseuropa
    Lucaseuropa Posts: 301 Rock Star

    Dear @DavZem,

    Once again thank you for your findings, much appreciate your input here! 💪

    This is being currently investigated by our product team. When I will know something more about that issue, I will post here to update you on that.

    Thank you for your patience! 🙂

  • DavZem
    DavZem Posts: 3 New Member

    No worries. Once I figured it out for myself, I was good. I actually like that it's hidden up there. Very Stealthy. It was before I knew where it was that was problematic.

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