FS ID Guardian email monitoring and email tags



I use different email +tags, or subaddressing, for different services which adds a bit more protection towards breaches. Tags are supported by multiple email service providers like Google, Outlook, and Yahoo. It would be nice if FS ID Guardian's email monitoring could supports these by adding a way to follow multiple tags with single monitoring entry. 

Ways this could be implemented:

  1. Adding email user+*@service.example monitors all emails that matches the entry (e.g. user+tag@service.example, user+foo@service.example, and user+bar@service.example). All of these +tags points towards user@service.example.
  2. Adding a checkbox for email services that supports this feature to include +tags.


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    Sorry for my reply.

    Otherwise, it is possible to ask - how is this situation handled now? For example, I also use this approach (sometimes). But to be honest, I don't remember most of the tags / aliases created. Therefore, I can not even imagine if they were leaked, unless any hit to the main address is monitored (even if it is using an alias).