How do I turn off all security features in 18 beta 5

The article

Tells to go to tools and turn the features off.

In the new I GUI I cannot find tools.

How do you turn off all the security features in 18 beta? Uninstall?

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  • Ukko
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    This article is still about current stable build. So, changes are not described / documented. However built-in Help within fs protection 18 beta 5 soon can be about changes. And, perhaps, sooner than with public pages.

    Anyway, the current flow is next:

    -- Open fs protection (main UI).

    -- Choose "card" about AV-part (Viruses and Threats; or so). Perhaps, it is the second card.

    -- Opened another screen with mostly AV options and a kind of replacement of previous Tools tab.

    -- There you can find "Turn off all the security features" (close to the end of listed options; no color difference).

    Maybe, these steps are a bit "tedious" and unclear. But I think when someone want to disable fs protection or turn off - it is more often about AV part. Despite its place - BP part will be disabled (at least, based on interface information) too. So, still all security features.


    // the alternative way of doing: "open fs protection (Main Ui) --> open MENU logo (top left corner) --> choose third line (viruses/threats) --> choose Turn off all the security features under list of tools/options"

    By the way, maybe "turn off all the security features" can be under "MENU" (logo). I mean this is kind of 'suggestion'/'thought'. It is currently not there, but it might be handy there.


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    Thanks Ukko.

    Did not think that you would get into functions and menu that way. I was expecting to find those through the main menu.

    That saved me from uninstalling F-S TP for a speed test.