I did not received the Freedome last update

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it seems that Freedome got updated to a new version recently, the Update Check section within program won't update it to the new version tho,

I srsly don't like to download and reinstall the programs whenever they update to a new version, is it the only way for Freedome everytime a new version is available? or i should just wait a bit longer to receive the update?


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    Dear @Typicalfanboy ,

    There's no need to be worried, when I open F-Secure FREEDOME VPN on my personal Windows 10 computer, I got the following update information:

    As I can see, FREEDOME on my computer asks me to upgrade to 2.37.

    What I can confirm is that version 2.40.XY will be available for current installations shortly. It's available for new installations now, so I guess that if you do not want to wait, you'd need to reinstall the program.


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