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Hi, is there any possibility to download the last update of ID protection, aka. downgrade to the last version, since the autofill function isn't working on the latest version?


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.  I am only an F-Secure user.

    There is a discussion about recent update:

    Does your experience also about this state? I mean, autofill is not working for entries without protocol (http/https)?

    is there any possibility to download the last update of ID protection, aka. downgrade to the last version

    • this is potentially possible if developers roll back their changes and push the update.
    • perhaps, there is no public available official possibility to download previous version. and based on one of recent replies on Community - Support can not provide previous (outdated) installers to their solutions.
    • maybe, it is possible crawl web and found previous installers. Which can be untouched by third-parties. But it is always risky.
    • on current day, looks like there is no functionality like downgrade to the last version within application.


  • [Deleted User]
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    Dear @GrodVidar ,

    We do not provide customers with links to old versions of our program.

    Your issue will soon be fixed, our technical team is currently working on that.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • zuuhis79
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    The suggestion to downgrade came from your support, but you don't provide earlier versions? Pretty useless advice then.

    Information on when this problem might be solved would be good. In a week or in a month or something else?

  • Arrow
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    Concidering that zuuhis79 wrote in a releating thread that ”Apparently the requirement for http:// or https:// on a password URL changed on last update because of "security reasons".”, it would be nice to get confirmation from F-Secure how exactly are they going to fix the problem? Release a note saying ”please add http to all your 140+ passwords by hand” or what?

    As .fsk files Key / id Protection exports passwords to seems to be pretty impossible to import into any competing password manager app by your average user (nice way to make it harder for customers to vote with our feets, eh?), if the only solution to this ”problem” (or ”feature”?) is for the forseeable future to manually change the url’s of all entries, I can as well just copy paste every single password by hand to some other app.

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