ID PROTECTION Release announcements

Piiris Posts: 19 F-Secure Product Manager

We are happy to announce that new version of ID PROTECTION 5.6.0 for iOS has been released.

The release is available for new installations immediately and any existing installation should get upgraded during next week.

Release notes:

  • General bug fixes and improvements.

Best regards

ID PROTECTION mobile team


  • vapor
    vapor Posts: 1 Observer

    Nice to have the updates, but could you please reconsider the update process on the Windows clients? After filling in the master password I'm usually BUSY authenticating to a service, but that is the very point the monthly or bi-monthly "Would you like to update?" question is thrown. And I have to experience this on 3 different devices, which is quite annoying. Please change the dialogue from a mandatory modal to a more customer-friendly dialogue. Thank you :)

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