Why one of my webpage is not showing secure in browsers?

I have recently shifted my website from http to https. I checked my website is safe to browse. But one of my customers reported found that one page is not safe. Here is the link to my webpage:


I am already working on the images and redirects, I will be very thankful for any other input. 


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    Hello @ibtseomanager !

    We do confirm that that this website is not being blocked by our software and there is nothing malicious going on there.

    Also, the Browsing Protection shows in the search results that this website is safe. The green safety rating for this website means that the site is safe to the best of our knowledge and we did not find anything suspicious in the website:


  • ibtseomanager
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    I did make some tweaks in the scripts of this page. Not only this, i also make the changes in the redirects as well. that is the reason this might be looking clean now

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