F-Secure ID PROTECTION v. 5 availability

martink Posts: 435 Influencer

Just wondering about F-Secure ID PROTECTION v. 5

Normally F-Secure products either notify you that there is and update available or just update.

Apparently F-Secure ID PROTECTION v. 4.9 does not do that. There is v. 5 available, but I did not get any indication of that until I did a new install.

Is that me only or for everybody?

Now the settings include the user selectable lock out time which is much better than the fixed 5 min in v. 4.9


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello @martink !

    On my computer, having F-Secure ID Protection version 4.9.366, I've received such notification upon opening the program:

    Didn't you receive similar notification?

  • martink
    martink Posts: 435 Influencer

    No I did not.

    I became aware of that when I reinstalled Win and progs on a crashed PC.

    Then I checked the version on another PC and it was still 4.9

    So the answer is that there was supposed to be a notification.

    Still have one more PC to check if the notification comes.

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