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If I have a use case where ID Protection (licensed) is used only on one handset (iOS device), how does the backup then work?

When I have encrypted backup of the iOS device, made with iTunes on local Windows PC, is also the ID protection database with passwords recovered if I restore the handset from that local, encrypted iOS backup?

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    Hi @K_P

    Exporting/Importing data from ID protection is possible only with Windows and Mac versions of the ID protection. If you have F-Secure ID protection running on iOS devices, you can have two options either install ID protection on another mobile device and sync data between your two devices or you can install the ID protection on desktop version( Windows or Mac) and then sync data between your iOS and Desktop version. You will then able to export data as a backup.

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    Hi, let me confirm that I understood your answer properly: if I take backup copy of a iOS device (local backup with iTunes), the password database of ID Protection is not backed-up, and can not be restored as a part of iOS backup recovery?

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    Hi Lucaseuropa,

    Thank you for elaborating the answer.

    I am aware of the benefits and rationale of “backing up by sync”, and my personal use scenario is like that. And yes, I also occasionally take encrypted local backups of my devices.

    The original question arises from pondering the usability of your product in a scenario where password data is not allowed to leave the device (e.g. due to company policy) for syncing through the cloud. (And yes, I am aware of the argumentation regarding such policy).

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