Ability to move devices between users

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Please can we have the ability to move devices between users on "My F-Secure"?

In a household with several devices and people, it's entirely feasible that if some devices are replaced, then other family members may take over the old devices, and a different ruleset for that user needs to be applied. Have to delete devices or unregister F-Secure, and then re-install, re-register and recreate profiles is not really an efficient way for device management.

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  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I am not quite sure that this can be valid for you - but one of my suggestion is to try "Switch users" that already should be available with F-Secure SAFE solution.

    This also can be helpful for avoid "reinstallation/uninstallation" during switch between completely different accounts. Described there: How to transfer or change device protected by F-Secure SAFE from one My F-Secure account to another - F-Secure Community (f-secure.com)

    However, it will probably still with requirements to "create" (if not created yet) profiles for fresh needs.

    If this flow is not an option or helpful with your situation - could you describe a bit more how your proposed request should be designed? I mean how and what exactly means by "move devices between users"? With my feelings - described above functionality can be helpful there already.

    I am only an F-Secure user. Just as a discussion between community users.