Yle Areena watching for finnish only profram not working anymore since today ?

Widescreen111 Posts: 10 Explorer


Anybody out there with same problem than me, not able to watch Yle Areena´s finland only restricted material anymore ?

I think F-secure server in FInland has been blacklisted by Yle Areena and F-secure need to find a workaround for that !



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  • Jaims
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    Hi @Seashell

    We received a confirmation at about 10am UTC that the service has now been restored.

    Some of our Freedome VPN users have also confirmed this that Yle Areena is back! Kindly reboot your device if you experience any glitches as we continue to monitor from our end.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.



  • Lucaseuropa
    Lucaseuropa Posts: 301 Rock Star

    Hello @Widescreen111 and welcome to F-Secure Community! 👋

    Yle has blocked VPN usage, so that their programs can no longer be accessed with VPN, including F-Secure Freedome VPN. We can, unfortunately, do nothing to change this, as it is purely Yle's decision. 

    Reference: https://yle.fi/aihe/artikkeli/2018/03/01/yle-varmistaa-tekijanoikeussopimusten-noudattamista-areenassa

    However, according to this article: https://yle.fi/aihe/artikkeli/2018/02/14/digitreenit-miksi-kannattaa-hankkia-yle-tunnus if you register for an Yle Tunnus (username and password) you can watch Yle Areena content in EU countries as long as your home address is in Finland.

  • Härkis
    Härkis Posts: 1 Observer

    Same thing happened to me. Yle Areena was working fine with F-Secure Freedome until couple of days ago, but now it seems to have stopped working.

    The link that Lucas gave was from two years ago, so obviously it wasn’t a problem for F-Secure VPN, since Yle Areena was working fine until now.

    So it’s probably true what Widescreen111 wrote about F-Secure’s VPN server getting blacklisted by Yle.

    I’d also like to see F-Secure finding a workaround for that.

  • Seashell
    Seashell Posts: 4 Explorer

    I have stumbled across this issue as well. I have been using Freedome VPN over the past year 2020 watching Yle Areena „Finland Only“ restricted content and it stopped working two days ago. According Yle announcement to block content due to copyright reasons was announced in 2018 already so why would it change first now in 2021? I also suspect and believe that this has more likely to do with blacklisting Freedome public static IP-address(es) from being served content to.

    Is there anything you guys at Freedome are able to do in order to fix this issue? My primary use of Freedome VPN solution is and was up until now to enable Yle Areena content in continental EU-zone.

  • Antti_NC
    Antti_NC Posts: 2 Observer

    I subscribed Freedome only because of being able to watch Yle Areena. Are you proceeding with a work-around or not?

    If not, F-Secure can't count on my "donation" and I'll cancel my subscription.

    Would appreciate your response ASAP

  • kkkkpppp
    kkkkpppp Posts: 1 New Member

    This has happened before several times, and F-Secure has been able to fix several times before.

    Please do it again.

  • Pauliina_secure
    Pauliina_secure Posts: 7 Explorer

    I just wrote about this sad issue to the Finnish forum of F-secure.

    I received yesterday an answer from F-secure, saying that "we are aware of this problem. It looks like YLE has changed something.

    Living in NL my primary use of Freedome is as well to watch YLE Areena and live broadcasts from Finland. Unfortunately I have still a year over of Freedome, since I bought it last time for two years. :(

  • Widescreen111
    Widescreen111 Posts: 10 Explorer

    Hi all

    Happily just tried SaferVPN, which I still have some time left, and IT IS WORKING for Yle Areena !

    For the moment at least, plz dont tell YLE !!


  • Widescreen111
    Widescreen111 Posts: 10 Explorer

    HI again,

    Sorry for giving you false information, SaferVPN is not working with YleAreena, my mistake !

  • Erick
    Erick Posts: 13 Enthusiast

    Same issue here, unfortunately. Hopefully a workaround can be found.

  • Lucaseuropa
    Lucaseuropa Posts: 301 Rock Star

    Thank you all for your feedback and replies.

    It seems that our Freedome Support team is aware of this situation and they all are working with the responsible parties to have it fixed.

    Should there be any update on that issue, you can expect to hear from us.

    Thank you for the understanding.

  • Seashell
    Seashell Posts: 4 Explorer

    Thanks Lucas for taking care of this and pushing customer’s voice further to fix this — keep us informed regarding any news concerning the fix!

  • Seashell
    Seashell Posts: 4 Explorer

    Hi @Jaims and thanks for the excellent news to end the working week. I can confirm from my side now that my trusted combination of Freedome VPN running on iOS (iPad) is able to stream Yle Areena content again.

    Thank you so much for this — this made my day!

  • Antti_NC
    Antti_NC Posts: 2 Observer

    Thank you for fixing the YLE Areena TV restricted content issue!

    Antti - NC😊

  • Risto55
    Risto55 Posts: 2 New Member

    Macbook pro with freedome. Location Finland. Yle Areena shows the text "Hups, jotain meni pieleen. Yritä myöhemmin uudelleen"? Jostain syystä freedome ei toimi.

  • Risto55
    Risto55 Posts: 2 New Member

    Update - stopped all add blockers, and now it works. Thus no problem with Freedome, but adblocker caused the error.

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