Is there a way to backup the macOS files containing my ID PROTECTION passwords?

I understand it is synchronizing across my devices, but I also make backups to external media for disaster recovery.

Exporting to plain text has some risk - would have to trust the file system encryption, unlock everything at once.

Is it sufficient to just copy /Library/Application Support/F-Secure/Pwmgr (hidden directory tree) to backup media?

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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    Perhaps, all mentioned ways are the only one available. There is no official 'designed' way to backup. The main logic, probably, is to use sync functionality or export.

    Thus, if:

    • syncing between devices is not enough (or too risk; or your experience is not about a paid subscription) - when the data will have a kind of "backup" by having it on multiple devices.
    • exporting entries to plain text is not a good enough option. Even with the possibility to tweak output file. For example, zip it an encrypted view and store it on 'external' media. So, it will be stored as encrypted archive (need to remember password) with plain-text file inside.

    then, the only opportunity is to copy the local storage file. However, I am not sure about MacOS design and if it is possible to reuse it then as a "recovery". Also, there always can be changes with fresher builds of F-Secure ID Protection. So, this is not sufficient enough probably - but a kind of workaround with its potential unfriendly routine.

    Another type of backup can be thought of as "printed" data. So, a 'physical' item with printed entries (from an export file, for example) and stored in any safe place near you.

    Both things (export functionality; and the local storage file existence) are mentioned there:

    And, probably, sync-functionality is designed to be as worry-free backup meanings. All other things, probably, are workarounds.



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