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F-Secure Safe is generating false positives for RootsMagic software, so wanted to add an exception.

According to the help files this should be done by going to "Tools" and then choose "App and file control". However, there is no "App and file control". (See screenshot).

I am on OSX Big Sur and - yes - I have admin rights.

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    Hello @Jeroen_S !

    Currently it is not possible to define exclusions for real time scanning in F-Secure SAFE for Mac.

    However, if DeepGuard has blocked an application that you trust and want to allow, you can edit the rule for that application in the DeepGuard Configuration app.

    To allow an application that DeepGuard has blocked:

    1. Click on the product icon in the menu bar.
    2. Select Preferences from the menu.
    3. Click the DeepGuard tab.
    4. Click Advanced.
    5. Click the lock icon in the bottom-left corner.

    You need administrative rights to change the settings. Without this authorization, you cannot change any of the DeepGuard settings.

    1. In the DeepGuard Configuration app, right-click the rule for the application that you want to allow and select Edit.
    2. Select Allow as the Policy for the application.
    3. Select the permissions that you want to allow for the application.
    4. Click Save.


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