Big Sur v. 11.1 Reinstall F-Secure & no update after hack

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I love F-secure which is why I throw far too much money at you, however.....

This situation with Big Sur has gone on far too long. Somehow a hacker got in and I think they used either Freedome or an ID protection update as the vector. Given the Solarwinds and Fireeye hack, which appeared to use an update distribution as the delivery channel this is within the realm of possibility. Long story short, I erased and reinstalled Big Sur, 11.1, which came out two days ago. When I reinstalled Safe, it wouldn't do its initial update. So the virus defs are from September. It's true that so far Big Sur kind of sucks and it takes far too much space to install for a very small payoff.

My questions are: 1) Who else is having these problems? and 2) Doesn't Apple give you any lead time to work on these issues earlier?



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    Hi @Weasels_Ate_My_Flesh

    Sincere apologies for the late response.

    Are you still still experiencing any issue with the F-Secure SAFE on your Mac Big Sur? The update issue might be something worth investigating but we are not sure about the idea that Freedome or ID Protection updates would have served as a delivery system for the hack you are experiencing.

    Moreover, when it comes to any lead time from Apple, it is tough to give a direct answer. Of course we know of some things like new requirements for the version so that we can build a compatible product, but usually there isn't much heads-up about issues with the version until it is launched. If Apple would know of those beforehand, I would guess they would fix them directly before release.

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    Hi @Jaims,

    Thanks for your response and sorry for the belated reply.

    Here is a problem that I am experiencing today and which I was experiencing when last we interacted. I looked at renewing my service. The renewal comes up asking for money in Malaysian Ringgit, 410.30 to be exact, plus tax. I don't live in Malaysia and this is not my currency. It also gets my number of computers wrong. All this would suggest an attack of some kind, no? Perhaps diverting money away from F-secure but also perhaps a worrying cloning attack. Now, because of the way your system is set-up, it's quite difficult to get on the phone to talks to someone in Finland about this issue. What can you suggest?

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    Hello @Weasels_Ate_My_Flesh !

    The renewal comes up asking for money in Malaysian Ringgit (...). All this would suggest an attack of some kind, no?

    No, not really, I can see exactly the same thing when I log into your My F-Secure account and try to renew it.

     What can you suggest?

    The only thing that worries me is the fact that you have 2 My F-Secure accounts. We would need to sort it out, therefore we will be contacting you in a private message.

    You can expect to hear from us soon.


    Just received information that you have contacted our Customer Care support today, your case will be continued there.

    Have a good day!

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