I vote that you can decide whether or not notifications of updates of the bases and program appear!


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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solution).

    Did you mean that, for example, your own desire is to see a notification about receiving updates for engines/databases/modules (will say, that are daily/more common)? But is it really matter to know about it in real-time and about some revision of signature-based updates that will be replaced already in an hour? And there is always an option to look at the list of installed updates (its date/timestamp) - whenever you want.

    And what exactly should be the notification about? Only generic information (just as a fact)? Or with some advanced things?

    Or did you mean that, for example, your own desire is not to see upgrade notification from product version to another one (kind of significant update / upgrade event)?

    Anyway, there is a dedicated board for the ideas. You can place your feature request there:

    By that way other users can vote it. And it is said that the F-Secure team may consider at the stage of adding functionality or improving.

    I mean, of course, adding something like that is not the most technically difficult task at all (probably). And in some ways it can be useful, but anyway - without any particularly compelling reason for implementation, this will only lead to complication of software support and increased size of internal work. In addition, there will be more options in the user interface (which can overload the general perception / experience).


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