How to move DOWN from TOTAL to SAFE


My 2 year TOTAL subscription is running out in Jan. I will only need the SAFE part of that. How do I change the service from TOTAL to SAFE?*

What’s the answer, short of letting the current TOTAL subscription run out, cancelling the account and starting another one just to have SAFE this time?


*(Nowhere can I find this option, and yet moving between service levels/packages should be obvious and clear for something like this. There’s always the option to upgrade or ”buy more” but never to move down to a simpler/cheaper package. Unclear, frustrating and now using up our time unnecessarily. Come on.)

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    Hi @PissWax

    Thank you for your response.

    One of the reasons for suggesting that you contact us for the downgrade at the end of the TOTAL subscription is to ensure there is no outstanding amount to be prorated after downgrading. Downgrading also implies losing the other 2 or 3 products tied to the TOTAL subscription, leaving you with SAFE only. Remember F-Secure TOTAL comprises of 4 products.

    For users with SENSE router, it could cause the SENSE security to be disabled. Through some system checks, our support will be able to provide you with some advise if such subscription is worth downgrading or not.

    At the moment, the only way to downgrade to SAFE is from our end and if you insist on carrying on with it now, not waiting till the end of the current validity, we will be pleased to help with that. We also have a 24/7 live chat support.

    However, with your valuable suggestion, there could be some amendment in the future where downgrading could be made possible from customer's end. Please help us drop this in the Feature Request board for the relevant team to consider your feedback.

    Thank you for your time.


  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 846 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @PissWax

    You may want wait till the expiry date to avoid losing the other 2 products, Freedome VPN and ID Protection, then let us know when you wish to downgrade to SAFE. If you wish to downgrade now, kindly revert and we will proceed with your request immediately. As I can see, you are currently on F-Secure TOTAL.

    At the moment, users are unable to downgrade as it will disrupt the entire subscription module especially when done in error but this can only be done on customer's request.

  • PissWax
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    So if I understand you, letting TOTAL run out and then contacting you to ask for SAFE only to be continued is the only option. This is in line with the frustration I expressed above. I don't understand what it means when you say "users are unable to downgrade as it will disrupt the entire subscription module". I mean, it's something to say but it makes nothing clear to the customer.

    1. What is a "subscription module"?
    2. Why is downgrading not a problem with other services, where I can downgrade and upgrade pro-rata?
    3. Why doesn't F-Secure offer services pro-rata?
    4. Why not be clear in advance that upgrading and downgrading will not be possible? The things is that looking for this option, then contacting people eats my time and the support staff's time. It's not good to be this unclear all over the place.
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