Desperately Need Help: New Update of Freedome VPN? What Does it Mean For Users???


I'm sorry to be creating a thread about this, but I just got this update on my iPad and I'm really confused on what this means for me?

It says "OpenVPN support discontinued: If you have used the OpenVPN protocol, you must open FREEDOME app after the upgrade. Protocol will then automatically switch to IPSEC. Version 3.2.3"

I don't even know what "OpenVPN" is??? :'(

I use FreedomE on my iPad this way: I open the FreedomE App and then press the big blue button to turn it on and then I use my web browsers: Chrome and Firefox.

Is it still safe for me to use my FreedomE App on my iPad?

Thank you for any advice!


  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 724 Moderator

    Hi @Hopeful_Future

    We removed OpenVPN support from FREEDOME for iOS version 3.2.3 because of licensing reasons. This newer version was released a week ago, you can find it the same in our appstore page under what's new.

    You can continue use FREEDOME VPN on your iPad as our FEEDOME for iOS uses the built-in IPSec VPN instead.

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