Desperately Need Help: New Update of Freedome VPN? What Does it Mean For Users???

Hopeful_Future Posts: 67 Contributor


I'm sorry to be creating a thread about this, but I just got this update on my iPad and I'm really confused on what this means for me?

It says "OpenVPN support discontinued: If you have used the OpenVPN protocol, you must open FREEDOME app after the upgrade. Protocol will then automatically switch to IPSEC. Version 3.2.3"

I don't even know what "OpenVPN" is??? :'(

I use FreedomE on my iPad this way: I open the FreedomE App and then press the big blue button to turn it on and then I use my web browsers: Chrome and Firefox.

Is it still safe for me to use my FreedomE App on my iPad?

Thank you for any advice!


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