How do I add Freedome VPN as an extension to Firefox

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I have F-secure SAFE and Freedome VPN and have just installed Firefox becouse depite frequent scanning with F-secure, both Safari and Google Chrome have been infested by malware which frequently causes windows to open over my browsing window, sometimes with a message "wait while you are redirected". This has made browsing a stressful minefield, particularly whist banking online or completeing purchases.

On installing firefox F-secure was added as an extension, but after doing a search for Freedome, and even looking through 105 pages of add-ons on the Firefox/preferences/security/extenstions screen, I have been unable to add Freedome.

Even though Freedome reports i'm browsing from London, Firefox inserts my true location to websites (with permission)

I'm not terribly computer savvy so would be grateful for any easy to follow advice . Thanks folks -fingers crossed.

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    Hi @arther

    F-Secure Freedome cannot be added as a browser extension but when turned on, it creates a secured and encrypted connection from your device to the F-Secure location that you have selected. If you suspect any VPN leak, please reinstall Freedome VPN and test again if your true IP address is revealed and let's know the outcome.

    Concerning the redirection on your browsers, you will need to perform some clean up and ensure you enable F-Secure browsing protection if you have F-Secure SAFE installed but if not, then you need to get some 3rd party adblockers for your browsers. If you are not familiar with how to clean up the browser, click here to see the steps or reinstalling might help.

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