IOS 12.X.X no ID Protetion download on IPAD AIR


Dear F-Secure team,

My IPAD AIR is fully up to date with IOS software (as SW update is on) and shows SW version 12.4.9.

For download of ID-protection it is showing need IOS SW 13 to be able to download.

Can you be of help ore will there be a work around / SW update from you to overcome this?

Many thanks and regards,


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  • wvanoors79
    wvanoors79 Posts: 1 Observer

    This is quit a problem for us here. We own 2 i-pads that work well, except iOS 12 is the latest os-version it accepts.

    When purchasing ID-protection we did not see this coming as we had no other apps yet that refused working.

    Do the developers of F-secure read this? Maybe some sort of workaround is possible?

    I find it problematic to throw away two perfectly working i-pad, only becouse a tool does not work. Not only for the money, but for the enviroment also.

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