F-Secure blocks my AdBlocker

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  • MehtänMies
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    I am also worried. I got this product to prevent endless ads. Now F blocks even Adblock programs... Why? If free programs give me fluentless browsing, why should I pay for slow advert fillert one??? What use is F-secure adblock addon?

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user.

    Maybe it is good to know what is your "product". Is it F-Secure SAFE? If so, what is your main platform? iOS, Android, Windows, Mac?

    In general, F-Secure SAFE for Windows with some possibilities to create "so so" protection and filtering against advertisements. But, basically, modern browsers (Windows platform, at least) can be with built-in functionality about blocking ads or to allowing only "good one". In addition, to prevent "endless ads" sometimes is possible on the router level. So, good to know a bit more information about your setting.

    Anyway and also, perhaps your experience when F-Secure blocks AdBlock programs are about certain circumstance. Did you mean their website or executable file? Or if there is mobile platform - application?

    I am not sure that you should pay for anything you do not want. So, I do not think there is an intention to prevent using 'free programs'. But Ad-blockers are quite a popular thing. And many attackers try to create fake, scam, rogue apps. And relatively often, trying to portray the application as one of the famous. So good to keep care with the choice.

    And could you explain a bit more about last question "What use is F-secure adblock addon?". What exactly referred about?! I think that now there is no F-Secure "Adblock" addon as such.


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