Solution to the Freedome Linux Support Issue

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F-Secure claims they don't want to support the Linux desktop because of fragmentation and market share.

The Linux community has come up with a solution for that called AppImage (built on a similar concept to Mac OS's DMG) to solve fragmentation.

With AppImage dot org you can write an application once and it runs on any Linux distribution. The Developer remains in control of the app and can push updates and fixes to the AppImage.

The second argument offered by F-Secure is the market share of Linux.

Sorry, but Linux is the most used operating system in the entire solar system. (Yes Linux even runs spaceships).

Android runs on Linux, so it really can't be that hard to get it working.

F-Secure as a security company also uses Linux in their operations and tooling. So, they are abusing the community by using our software that we put our hard work into and offer for free, yet F-Secure are not giving back to the Linux community. Even when we step up to the plate and offer you money to support our operating system. F-Secure continue to steal from the Open Source community, who enable their business to exist, and this is abhorrent.

Freedome is a unique product on the market as it does reputation filtering and malware detection. There are no other VPN's on the market that we've been able to find that have these unique features at a consumer price point.

I would request that you consider making an AppImage of Freedome so that everyone no matter distribution can use your very well-designed product. Or, since Freedome runs on OpenVPN as its backend (more theft from the Open Source community) give us an entry point IP address to connect into, and we'll just install OpenVPN on our systems ourselves and get the features of VPN with Reputation and Malware filtering.


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    While I wouldn't agree to these allegations of "theft" (much of FOSS can be used for commercial purposes, and there's nothing wrong with that), I think it is time to consider a solution of some kind for support on Linux.

    I don't want to pretend to know how F-Secure has set up their service, but just providing OpenVPN configuration files and keys would be a start.

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