Does F-Secure give ip subscriber info to marketing court in Finland?

Ctank Posts: 3 New Member

In which kind of situations F-Secure will share ip sub info? Does it happen in copyright infringments?


  • Jaims
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    Hi @Ctank

    Thank you for contacting us.

    You can find that information and more details about F-Secure Freedome VPN Privacy Policy here, specifically under "What do we collect and what do we do with it?".

  • Ctank
    Ctank Posts: 3 New Member


    you did not answer the question. Will you give info to marketing court in Finland if they ask, without court order?

  • Tapsa
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    Our Terms of Service ( prohibit the use of F-Secure FREEDOME VPN for illegal activities, for instance distributing any copyrighted content without permission. Here's a partial quote from the relevant chapter:

    "We remind you that you alone are responsible for your use of the service. We created the service for your enjoyment, not to detriment of others. With this in mind, do not use the service for the following purposes:

    • Harvesting or distributing any private information, copyrighted content or trade secrets that you don't have rights to transmit;"

    We have a section in our Privacy Policy ( regarding criminal investigations:

    "Criminal investigations. F-Secure respects lawful warrants and court orders of the jurisdictions applicable to us. We provide information to the authorities when it is required of us under law, but not otherwise. Such occurrences include investigations and prosecutions of serious crimes and other qualified illegal activities. After all, our goal is to secure your privacy when browsing the web, not securing your anonymity when committing crimes. We carefully review the lawfulness of each request and ensure that our users' constitutional rights to privacy are protected."


    Tapio Keihänen

    Service Manager, F-Secure FREEDOME VPN

  • Ctank
    Ctank Posts: 3 New Member

    "After all, our goal is to secure your privacy when browsing the web, not securing your anonymity when committing crimes". Most ridicilous statement from privacy provider. You are assuming when I want privacy, I want it to for reason to commit crimes. What if your customer was a whistleblower, or chinese resident...

    I remember times when F-Secure was legit, decades ago. Can't recommend to anyone now.

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