F-Secure finds and removes file with "lokibot" in TEMP-folder forces reboot. Again and again.


After years using Kaspersky I thought it was time for a change. For about a year we are using F-Secure SAFE instead.

Starting two weeks ago F-Secure SAFE reported a trojan "lokibot" hidden in a file in C:/TEMP or C:/WINDOWS/TEMP. F-Secure removed the trojan and rebooted Windows 10. A few minutes after the reboot F-Secure finds another file in the same folder, removes it and reboots. And this is going on and on.

I thought some kind of virus must be in RAM. A startet a complete scan of the computer: nothing. I started Windows 10 in protected mode and deleted every file in TEMP. After a normal boot the same procedure startet as written above. We tried some free test-version of another anti-virus: nothing.

Has somebody an idea?🙄

How can I break the loop. The latest updates of Windows10 and SAFE are installed.


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