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I installed new ID Protection to my MacBook. Login failed because system didn't accept my F-Secure password fighter ID Protection password. It asked only QR-code what I don't have because I am new user in that machine. What should I do?

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    You need to keep in mind that F-Secure ID Protection on your iMac and on your iPhone will require you to "unlock" the app, whether with a master password in the case of a version for the computers or with a Touch ID/Face ID/master password on your iPhone. This app might use the same master password on both devices (it's up to you), but it is obviously not required that it has the same password and also not advised.

    As I said before, you are not logging in anywhere, you are just unlocking the app to see the passwords that are stored locally on your device.

    If you weren't asked to create a new master password upon the installation on your iMac, it would mean that you used to have F-Secure KEY on that computer and ID Protection requires you to enter the master password that you used for F-Secure KEY.

    In a situation when you are not able to unlock the app with your old master password and you do not have QR-code, you'd need to start from scratch on your iMac:

    To remove the product completely from your computer, you need to remove both the F-Secure ID PROTECTION app and the local storage (containing your Vault data) separately.

    Note: Before you start removing the app, make sure that it is no longer running.

    To remove the product from your computer:

    1. Open a Terminal:
      1. Open the Applications folder.
      2. Open the Utilities folder.
      3. Double-click Terminal.
    2. Use the Terminal to run the following two commands:
      • rm -r "/Applications/F-Secure ID PROTECTION.app" (This removes the app from your computer.)
      • rm -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/F-Secure/Pwmgr (This removes the local storage from your computer.)

    You have now removed the app and its data from your computer and you can now install a fresh F-Secure ID Protection again.

    Once you completely remove it from your iMac, please install it again, create a new master password and then follow the instructions from THIS page on how to synchronize ID Protection App from your iPhone with the app on your Mac, to have all of the password stored in both app simultaneously.


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    Hello @TeroL and welcome to F-Secure Community! 👋

    Once you've installed F-Secure ID PROTECTION on your macOS computer and you started the application for the first time, the app asks you to create a master password.

    If F-Secure ID Protection hadn't asked you to create a master password when you've installed it for the first time, it means that this app has been installed on top of F-Secure KEY and it asks you to enter the same master password as for KEY.

    The master password is very important as it gives you access to the app - this is the only thing you need to remember. ID Protection does not allow you to login anywhere (i.e. to your My F-Secure account), but to "unlock" the app.

    F-Secure ID PROTECTION does offer you the possibility to create a recovery code for your master password as soon as you have taken the app into use. The recovery code (QR-code) is a secure way for you to regain your master password if you forget it and the only way to unlock the app should you forget your master password.

    I hope that the above was helpful 🙂

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    I have used ID Protection already in my iMac and iPhone, so I already had F-Secure password and ID Protection password. I tried both of those and didn't get in. I have done it before so that other installation created a code what to use, but now it didn't asked it. So I have now possibilities to sign in. Need some help!

    Tero Liukas

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