Sincere advice



I tried this software carefully and found some problems:

1. I have to say that the interface of the software is beautiful, which is a great advantage.

2. The software is exquisite and not bloated, which is very good.

3. It cannot be set to "Exclude specified folders". What I mean is that I want to not scan certain folders, but this does not seem to work. Some software that packs and cracks the signature is not a virus. If the folder is not excluded, this will cause a lot of trouble.

4. I can’t confirm whether some files are viruses, but I don’t want these files to be deleted. I want to keep them on my computer. I hope there is a function that just prevents the destructive operation even if some files It is a virus, if it does not run, it will not cause harm.

5. The way of dealing with threats cannot be adjusted. I don't want the software to help me make a decision and directly delete potentially harmful files. Instead, I should let me choose. It's really bad to delete files directly, it's too overbearing.