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Hi, I had a licence for F-Secure Safe that has expired recently (a week ago). Now I´ve bought new licence for F-Secure Internet Security for other 2 years but I cannot install it. My account only asks me to renew my F-Secure Safe licence. What can I do? Thank you for any advice



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    Hello @Brnak and welcome to F-Secure Community! 👋

    You cannot renew/activate F-Secure SAFE subscription in My F-Secure account with an F-Secure Internet Security code. These are 2 different products.

    In fact, F-Secure Internet Security doesn't require from you any accounts and it is very simple in use - just download, run and install it on your Windows computer and activate it with a code 😉

    To activate F-Secure Internet Security, download and install the product via the following link.

    1. Run the downloaded file.
    2. Once the installation setup window opens, select Accept and continue.
    3. When prompted, type in your subscription key (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) to finish the installation.
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    Unfortunatelly it doesn´t work. I downloaded Internet Security instalation file, I ran it. But the problem is with my fsecure account which only knows that I had the Safe product and there is no possibility to enter the subscription code for Internet Security.

    It looks like if I once bought a more expensive licence for Safe I cannote install Internet Securiry any more. But I already paid quite a lot for a new licence, so why I cannot use it?

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    Dear @Brnak ,

    In case you'd like to stay with F-Secure Internet Security and have it on your Windows computer, I would need you to refer to my previous answer 😏

    In case you'd like to continue having F-Secure SAFE subscription and use this program on various devices and not only on your Windows computer, you'd need to renew your My F-Secure account:

    1. Log in to your My F-Secure with your account username and password.
    2. Select Renew now. A new window opens. The Renew F-Secure SAFE option is preselected.
    3. Select Continue to checkout. The Renew your subscription page opens.
    4. Review your purchase, and select Buy now. Your subscription is renewed based on your original subscription (license period and number of devices).
    5. Select Back to My F-Secure to go back to your account.

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