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Still finding my way around the trial copy. So far not too impressed by the dashboard after being with KIS for long time and finding things I miss for example cannot find any way of bookmarking my several banking sites. Unless there is any other way I find myself having to find the bank on the browser and wait for the 'Sheild' to activate at the top of th page. On KIS it was possible to store regularly used sites in their banking mode. Maybe I am missing something ??

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  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    I think it's just that Banking Protection works in a different way to KIS. To me, it seems more integrated to work within the browser, rather than having a separate module to open each time. You just need to add your banking sites to your browser bookmarks, and the banking protection should be activated as you access them, assuming you are using a compatible browser.

  • kes32
    kes32 Posts: 4 New Member

    Tks for response. I have never really understood the 'safe browser/safezone' process. Presume that when I go on my browser for a banking website and the Pop up 'Banking Protection Active' banner comes up all it does is create a more hardened area on whatever browser I am using. I do only use one browser for banking on which I do not generally browse. I used to use Edge as my default browser but notice that when I log in to a bank site on Edge, F-Secure banking banner does not work.

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