Cannot update existing FREEDOME subscription to TOTAL in iOS devices

Torspo1600 Posts: 14 Enthusiast

I recently purchased F-Secure TOTAL, with a subscription that ends in January 2022.

I also have a previous FREEDOME subscription that ends on 29 Jan 2021.

I was able to update FREEDOME on my PC to use the F-Secure TOTAL subscription, but any attempt to do the same on my two iOS devices fails.

Nothing works: when trying to install via my F-Secure TOTAL account, it simply activates the old subscription, not the TOTAL subscription. The same problem occurs when uninstalling and reinstalling FREEDOME.

FREEDOME does indicate that it tries to update the subscription, but the progress indicator simply rotates for hours on end and nothing happens.

Can anyone help how I can force FREEDOME on my iOS devices to use the TOTAL subscription, not the previous one?

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  • Lucaseuropa
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    Hi @Torspo1600

    Please correct me if I'm wrong - you have purchased a license code for F-Secure FREEDOME stand-alone app (so called multi-platform, multi-device subscription), that is valid until 29th of Jan 2021 and you also have purchased F-Secure TOTAL subscription, which includes F-Secure FREEDOME?

    In that case, there is no possibility to change a subscription code during an ongoing subscription until the current subscription is about to expire.

    I believe that you will be able to log-in to your F-Secure TOTAL account in F-Secure FREEDOME app on your iOS devices in January 2020.

    You can also try to delete the app from your devices and install it again to see whether you will be able to log in with your My F-Secure account credentials. Once reinstalled:

    1. Open the application, and select Subscription.
    2. Select Activate subscription.
    3. Select Log in.
    4. Select F-Secure from the list of service providers, and log in with your My F-Secure login username and password.
    5. Name your device and select Continue.
    6. Select OK.



  • Sethu
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    Hi @Torspo1600

    There is grace period for F-Secure FREEDOME subscription that is purchased through Appstore. You should be able to enter the new subscription code only 60 days before the subscription expiry date.

    Please refer the KB article to know more about the grace period with Freedome.

  • Torspo1600
    Torspo1600 Posts: 14 Enthusiast

    Hi @Sethu,

    I did not purchase the FREEDOME subscription through Appstore, but on the F-Secure website.

    So the situation here is that I would like to switch my FREEDOME subscription purchased on the F-Secure website to the TOTAL subscription also purchased on the F-Secure website. This is a use case not covered by the KB article.

  • Torspo1600
    Torspo1600 Posts: 14 Enthusiast

    Hi @Lucaseuropa,

    Your description of my lisence situation is exactly correct!

    Deleting and reinstalling the app does not solve the problem, as the subdcription activates automatically, so it looks like I will have to wait until January 2021.

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