Windows 10, 20h2! Problems? Wait? Does F-Secure work with it!

I just got the option to install 20h2. Strange, because i did not get 2004 until i made a manual update 3 weeks ago.

Known bugs? Does F-Secure work fine? First uninstall F-secure and reinstall after the update? Any ideas and knowledge appreciated!


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  • 1lluminate
    1lluminate Posts: 15 Explorer

    Hello Phyto,

    yes F-Secure works with Microsoft Windows 20H2. I used it on 3 PCs.

    Take the last installer from the Webpage vom F-Secure and install it. I've no problems.

    Greetings David

  • MancMike
    MancMike Posts: 3 New Member

    My F-secure internet security has failed after yesterday's upgrade to Windows 10 20H2. F-secure keeps prompting for PC restart, but this makes no difference. It won't scan.


  • Phyto
    Phyto Posts: 13 Observer

    Just deinstall it and then use the official deinstallation tool again and reboot.

    Your PC should be clean now. Then reinstall it. Works for me. In general the Software works with 20H2!

    Before updating my Windows to a newer Version i always deinstall the AV engine. Bitdefender, F-Secure, Kaspersky. They all have problems with a major update sometimes because how deep they are integrated into the system. Even if they work with the new version i deinstall them just to be sure.

    That being said, i had never issues with this and the enterprise versions.

  • Cale
    Cale Posts: 288 F-Secure Product Manager


    Personally I have never run into this issue, and we also have millions of users going through the same Windows upgrade process twice a year without any hiccups. For some unknown reason to us, there is always a few installations that break. Only in such rare case re-installation of the product is needed.


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